JJRC H56 TaiChi

JJRC H56 TaiChi Mini Infrared Sensing Control Remote

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Throw to Fly. Zero operation, simply switch on, pair and throw to fly.
- Shake to Start Up. Complete pairing, shake the aircraft to energize the propellers.
- Interactive Infrared Sensing Control. Keep your hands 10cm from the aircraft.
- Wave your Hand to Control. The infrared detecting zone is located at the front,back,left,right and bottom.Approach the drone with the drone with one hand to let it fly along your hand's movement.
- With altitude hold mode function provides stable flight.
- With automatic return function, the copter will automatic returning and landing when lost connection or signal received interference.
- With attractive headless mode, completely solving "loss of orientation" problems.
- Depress to click in the propellers tightly. Ready to use aircraft with the protective guards assembled.
- 3D Flips and Rolls. It is rotation in 360°adds on a touch of excitement for flying.
- 2.4G Remote Control. Comfy Hand Feel, Sensitive Response, Long Range Control.
- 6-Axis gyroscope strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control
- Bright and Brilliant Lights. Harmonious blue and red complex,attractive and impressive at night.
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Added on October 22nd, 2019
Last updated: August 27th, 2020