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How to Learn 24 Form Yang Style Tai Chi Footwork - Easy for Beginners 2020;杨氏太极拳步法要领详解;楊氏太極拳步法要領詳解

Yang Style Tai Chi and Chen Style Tai Chi lineage holder, Master Arthur Du is showing you how to do the Tai Chi footwork in detail. Footwork is one of the most important fundamentals to do Tai Chi. Check out other videos to learn more :)

Website: https://arthurtaichi.com/

How to learn Yang Style Tai Chi 24 forms with detailed instructions? (Free 20 minutes each lesson, easy Tai Chi for beginners)
Lesson 1: Preparation and Opening form: https://youtu.be/AcKxL6h-lmI
Lesson 2: Part the Wild Horse's Mane: https://youtu.be/T84ltpCLVL0
Lesson 3: Footwork: https://youtu.be/AcKxL6h-lmI
Lesson 4: White Crane Spreads its wings: https://youtu.be/Y_xaJuuJY34
Entire 24 form performance in 12 minutes: https://youtu.be/BsZU8r_nujE
Yang Style Tai Chi 42 form: https://youtu.be/LHoIPFDYBCc

Interested in Chen Style Tai Chi instead?
Chen Style Tai Chi Xinjia Yilu (New Frame) Part 1: https://youtu.be/-v45icUYsGE
Chen Style Tai Chi Xinjia Yilu (New Frame) Part 2: https://youtu.be/GwV8epyoMcs
Chen Style Punch Online Lesson: https://youtu.be/bPaotaAv5FQ
Chen Style Tai Chi Competition Performance: https://youtu.be/C-7_bID-Oa4
Chen Style Tai Chi Group Performance after 8 classes: https://youtu.be/V64FfboT5Zc
Tai Chi Push Hands Lesson: https://youtu.be/4SM_dFjBqFg

Interested in Tai Chi weapon forms?
Chen Style Tai Chi Spear: https://youtu.be/97utMCaR8WA
Chen Style Tai Chi Double Sabres: https://youtu.be/Xl-HBgcaWTs
Chen Style Tai Chi Long Handle Broadsword: https://youtu.be/XBgdUdePp0M
Yang Style Tai Chi Sword: https://youtu.be/Kjgb_XfNHME

Interested in Qigong and other Tai Chi lessons?
Two Self Health Care exercise: https://youtu.be/BbMSrwP6aLs
Online Qigong Class: https://youtu.be/ktWNzSIDKU8
Online Qigong Class part 2: https://youtu.be/IfhzjBav_mk
Easy Qigong Exercise in Covid-19 suite: https://youtu.be/fLAnbyNSkHU
First Online Qigong and Tai Chi online class: https://youtu.be/ktWNzSIDKU8
Easy Qigong: https://youtu.be/DRLDIVNFmkI

Interested in Xing Yi (another internal martial art)?
Xingyi 12 Animal form: https://youtu.be/9dt6U4z8PWo
Xingyi 5 elements: https://youtu.be/MWgKZeHk18E
Xingyi Walking Stick: https://youtu.be/GjjJdwDcEdE

Interested in Ba Gua Zhang (the third type of major internal martial arts?
Ba Gua Zhang Empty Hand Form: https://youtu.be/OdMHfB6Gx4Y
Bagua Sword: https://youtu.be/rDMNET1APag

Interested in Praying Mantis form (external martial arts)?
Paying Mantis First: https://youtu.be/V6OT_Wsscok

Interested in taking a private lesson online with Master Arthur Du? Check our website below.
Website: http://www.arthurtaichi.com/ and contact us at: [email protected]
One hour lesson: $75 through Zoom (pre and post Covid-19 in-person lesson: $100/hour)

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Added on June 1st, 2020
Last updated: June 5th, 2020