How to feel Qi Energy | How to feel Prana - Qi Sensation

How to feel Qi/ Chi/ Prana Energy

Here's another tip on how to enhance distance healing. One of the things I frequently tell newcomers in my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Group is to not “stare” at the healing Just let it flow.

You may know that you can create an energy flow in your body. With distance healing, you can imagine that there's healing going to the person and you can imagine white light around them. You can actually generate Qi in your body and really feel Qi energy flow.

Many healers know how to create an energy flow in their body. Sometimes it is called a “Qi Sensation,” or a magnetic drawing sensation or a tingling sensation. When performing a distance healing, you can imagine that there is healing going to the client and can imagine white light around them. This alone may generate a “Qi sensation” or “energy flow sensation” in your body. It’s fun because you can really feel the Qi energy. There is nothing wrong about doing this, but usually it makes the practitioner feel nice but nothing much happens in the patient

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Added on December 25th, 2019
Last updated: January 7th, 2020