How Lee Holden was Introduced to Qi Gong by Mantak Chia

A while back, Lee filmed this 4-minute video sharing the story of how he was introduced to Qi Gong.

This is the beginning of the story:

It was 1988.

I was going to UC Berkeley studying psychology. I had been studying it for a year or two and I still hadn’t heard any information on how to make people feel better.

So, I cut class.

I remember the class distinctly. It was called, “The Psychology of Human Personality.”

But there was NO personality in the class! The professor read from the textbook every day.

Like almost any bored, early 20-something-year-old, I cut class and started wandering around Berkeley. I found myself in a bookstore called Shambhala books.

That’s where I found Mantak Chia’s books.

I opened them up and immediately saw actionable things I could do to help transform stress into vitality.

I bought the books, walked out of the store, and immediately saw a flyer for a Mantak Chia workshop.

This was a sign from the Universe I couldn’t ignore.

So I went to the workshop.

But I didn’t have enough money to pay for the workshop. I reached out to the organizers and asked if I could do a work-trade.

Lucky for me, they said yes.

They put me in the bookstore…

And what happened next is the reason I teach Qi Gong.

Want to know what happened?

Watch the video ;-)


Are you interested in learning Qi Gong from a trained master with 31 years of teaching experience?

If so, Lee is leading a 3.5-hour virtual workshop just for beginners on Sunday, August 23rd.

You’ll learn key concepts such as...

- What is Qi and why it is vital to building a fulfilling practice
- The importance of meridians… including how Qi flows through them to send healing energy to specific centers of the body
- The rich history of Qi Gong, including why it has stood the test of time. (People have been practicing for over 4,000 years!)
- How to move to relax, ground, and energize the body and mind

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Added on March 5th, 2021
Last updated: March 18th, 2021