How Do You Pick the Right Tai Chi Music? | 100 Days of Tai Chi | Learn Tai Chi at Home

Continuing on yesterday's theme of listening to music while playing Tai Chi, in this video we ask how do you pick the right Tai Chi music? We also go outside the Cherry Blossom Studios, to show how you can learn Tai Chi at home in your own yard or garden. Plus we've got movements #40-41 in our 100 Days of Tai Chi series: 2 more Brush Knee in Twist Step!

The Question of the Day for YOU is this: what's YOUR favorite music genre, and are you listening to it when you're doing Tai Chi?

If you've got a question about Tai Chi - please add it to the comments below. I'll definitely answer it in the comments section - and I might be able to put it in the video lesson!

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Added on January 18th, 2019
Last updated: May 12th, 2020