Fighting COVID-19 Campaign/ Cloud Hands Tutorial 25 / USA

Bill Walsh, from Arundel, USA, explains the Cloud Hands movement. In English.
Tai chi chuan is an ancient martial art that can be used to fight COVID-19. Doctors in China who are on the front lines of infectious disease containment and mitigation are using Traditional Chinese Medicine and tai chi to boost patients's immunity.
Yang Family Tai Chi wants to be part of a global effort to halt the pandemic. Instructors in different countries will be teaching some simple movements in our social media channels to encourage all of you to practise, even those who don't know tai chi. Not only will tai chi boost one's immunity system but also will help the practitioner to feel connected with people all over the world in the same situation.
We are starting with a movement called Cloud Hands. It can be practised anywhere, by anyone. Tai Chi masters believe that just practising cloud hands is equivalent of practising Tai Chi overall, because it contains all the essence of tai chi....