Fang Song Gong


Wǔdāng Xuánwǔ Pài Fàng Sōng Gōng
Wudang XuanWu Pai Relaxation Work

FangSong Gong the skill of letting go and clearing things out of the Energy Body; letting the body become soft. It is the first stage for building up the more advanced 混元缠丝功 HúnYuán ChánSī Gōng.

This three movements is a perfect set for warming up and preparing the bodies different systems for deeper energy work.

Líng hóu shū bì
The clever monkey stretches its arm

Opens up and prepare the 7 stars, builds up and integrates different rotations.

Dà mǎng fān shēn
The big python turns its body

Works with the big muscles, enhances the Qi and Blood circulation and works the DuMai.

Qīng lóng bǎi wěi
The green dragon wags its tail

Works and opens up the eight extrao