Elemental Healing Sounds (60 bpm Relaxation, Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga Music)

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This album was recorded at 60 beats per minute, a tempo associated with resting heart rate and elevated states of consciousness. Each song represents a different element within the Chinese medical framework. According the Daoist theory, based on thousands of years of observation and contemplation, the relationships in the material world can be understood using this framework. Each element has a different tone, emotion, organ system, food type, and season associated with it (and many more). For example, the fire element is associated with bitter foods, shock and joy, the heart and small intestine, early summer, and the key of G. The Chinese believe that emotions are held within our organs. Therefore a song that vibrates and balances a specific organ will also balance its associated emotions.

Each song in this album has been specifically designed to balance a specific organ system and the emotions associated with it. Listening should create a space of calm, healing and focus from the inside out.

For those interested, there is a brief breakdown of the 5 elements below. If you have limited listening time, you may wish to peruse the list below, “diagnose” your imbalances, and skip to the track most suited to address that imbalance.

Earth (Track 1)

Earth is associated with the color yellow, sweet foods, late summer, worry, acceptance, and receptivity, stomach and spleen (digestion), and the key of C.

Metal (Track 2)

Metal is associated with the color white, spicy foods, autumn, clarity of mind, grief, lungs, skin, and large intestine, and the key of D. An increase in the metal element may help with holding your intentions or making difficult decisions. Excess metal may lead to rigidity.

Water (Track 3)

Water is associated with the colors blue and black, salty taste, winter, reflection and consolidation, creativity, fear, willpower, kidneys, bladder, and the key of A.

Wood (Track 4)

Wood is associated with the color green, springtime and upward growth, sour taste, anger and inspiration, liver, eyes, gallbladder, and the key of E.

Fire (Track 5)

Fire is associated with the color red, early summer, bitter taste, shock and joy, heart, small intestine, and the key of G. Fire also can represent receptivity, learning, and flexibility; although excess fire can lead to burn-out or becoming a push-over.

Chi (Track 6)

Chi, the sixth element, can be loosely defined as neutral energy. While the 5 elements are all qualities or manifestations of chi, chi is described as the animating force behind them. Chi is associated with the pericardium (the protective layer around the heart) and the triple warmer (a conglomeration of organ systems). Chi can be more effectively drawn into the body through slow, smooth and deliberate movement. When the body becomes relaxed and open, chi accumulates.

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Researched Benefits of 5-Elemental Healing Sounds:

May use as a pacemaker during Yoga, TaiChi or Meditation practice to regulate breathing & movement. Use in busy city environments to smooth out the sounds of background noise.

Suggestions for use: Breathe in for 4 beats (every time there is a chord change), and breathe out for 4 beats. When warmed up, extend your inhale & exhale to 8 beats each (approx. 8 seconds). Gradually you will find you can extend your breath for longer & longer. Your breath becomes deeper & more even and your base state of calm, clarity & energetic efficiency increases. Let me know your results!
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Added on May 11th, 2017
Last updated: March 12th, 2020