Double Lotus Kick Xiaoyao Yang Tai Chi

Double Lotus Kick Xiaoyao Yang Tai Chi Demonstration. Tai Chi has a limited amount of kicks and this outer crescent kick is extremely powerful.

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Here's some information about Xiaoyao Tai Chi from Xiaoyao's website:
Stephen Tang, PhD

July 22nd, 2018

​What exactly is the Xiaoyao Tai Chi System?​

It is a group of internal martial art routines consisting of Yang-style Tai Chi, Chen-style Tai Chi, Baguazhang, short weapons (straight sword, broad sword, short staff, butterfly swords), Tai-Chi Ruler, Tai-Chi Bang (short stick), neigung, silk-reeling, fang-sung kung (loosening up) and other elements.

​What does Xiaoyao mean?

Xiaoyao means a free and unfettered state.

What is the basis of Xiaoyao Tai Chi System?

The Xiaoyao Ta...