Diamond Qigong - Introduction

Diamond Qigong is a powerful Taoist healing method to maintain breast health as well as helping to heal breast issues.

In America, at least 1 in 8 women receives a diagnosis of breast cancer and breast cysts are a very common problem in women.

A woman’s overall well-being is intimately connected to the breasts. In Chinese medicine, seven important meridians travel through the breasts. When these meridians become blocked, due to seven negative emotions, a qi knot forms inside of the breasts, as well as in the heart. This qi knot gradually leads to cysts and these may develop into tumors.

The specific intention of this Qigong is to untie all of the knots in order to support and heal the
breasts and the surrounding tissue, and to activate the lymphatic system. The effect of releasing this Qi knot can be immediate after practicing this form as witnessed by myself as well as many students.

Through the stretching movements of the...