Day #11 - Liver Cleansing Exercise - 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health

Welcome to Day 11 of 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health. Today Chris demonstrates the Liver Cleansing Exercise and discusses the importance of optimal Liver health. The function of the Liver is to spread qi throughout the body by regulating mind and mood, promoting digestion and absorption, and keeping qi and blood moving normally. In Chinese medicine, the Heart and Liver regulate the flow of vital energy and blood, which results in an even temper, feelings of happiness, and relaxation. Chris goes on to explain that when the Liver does not function well, the result is anxiety, irritability, anger, and resentment. Modern living places particular stress on the Liver, both in the food we eat and the stresses inherent in daily life. Road rage is a typical example of Liver Qi imbalance, in Chinese medicine terms.
Because this exercise particularly clears and harmonizes the energy of the Liver, it is useful for reducing the emotional symptoms of anger, sudden overwhelming rage, depression as well as physical signs of Liver imbalance such as uneven energy throughout the day, unsettled sleep, floaters or blurred vision. This is such an important exercise you should try to do it daily to keep your Liver energy flowing smoothly, and particularly if you have issues to do with anger, resentment, or frustration. The benefits include an even temper, feelings of happiness, and relaxation. Visit website
Added on March 26th, 2017
Last updated: February 1st, 2020