Coronavirus Lockdown Tai Chi at Home Live Day 1


Because of lockdown all over the world due to Corona virus Master Jimmy Wong is conducting Tai Chi for people at home to practice to help built their immune system n combat against the virus. This is the 1st session and we have 5 more sessions.

Gmaster Jimmy K Wong(Wang Guo Qiang 王国强) is the 6th Generation Direct Lineage of the Wu Yu Xiang WU(HAO) Tai chi system. Fifth Generation GrandMasters Wu Wen Han and Chen Gu An took him as their disciple. Gmaster Wong mission's is to spread Traditional Wu(Hao) Tai Chi making it available to all interested through ONLINE STUDY website or come to his school in Dallas Texas to learn from him. He has also conducted seminars and workshops nationally and internationally. He also has the privilege of studying Water Boxing LIUHABAFA in china from Grandmaster Lu Gui Yao who is the last disciple of Great Gmaster Wu Yi Hui and also studied Yang Style from Gmaster Tu Chungking.
Gmaster Wong has taught Wu Hao Tai C...