CMC 37P TAI CHI FORM: Postures 23, 23A, 23B (v1)

Cheng Man-ch'ing 37 Postures Tai Chi Form
Postures 23, 23A, 23B: Wave Hands In Clouds, Left, Right, Left
Variation 1
8 directions - 12/20/12 (Autumn)

The key elements of what I call "variation 1" of Wave Hands In Clouds are visible in Prof. Cheng's color film, and the black & white film when he is an older man (listed above).

As Prof. Cheng shifts his weight from foot to foot, his hands pass each other close to his torso, as if invisible long fingernails brush against each other when the hands pass each other. Both hands stay relatively close to the torso.

In "variation 2" the descending upper hand reaches its furthest distance from the torso at approximately hip level; in "variation 3" at approximately collar-bone / armpit level.

Variation 2