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Joseph Chen Zhonghua (陈中华), courteasy name Dongliang (栋梁), born in 1961, Shandong Province, China, is a Chinese martial arts practitioner, teacher and author. Chen studied with two outstanding eighteenth generation Chen Style Taijiquan (陳式太極拳) experts, Hong Junsheng (洪均生; 1907 - 1996) and Feng Zhiqiang (冯志强, 1928-2012).[1] He and his family emigrated to Canada in 1985. This has allowed him to actively promote Hong's transmission of Chen t'ai chi ch'uan(also known as the Practical Method) through his students, seminars, books, instructional videos and websites around the world.[2] In 2005, he was designated the International Standard Bearer of Hong's Practical Method by the Hong family in a ceremony held in Jinan (济南), China.[3] Since 2006, Chen has run a residential taijiquan training program on Daqingshan (“Big Green Mountain”; 大青山), Shandong Province (山东省), China. Martial arts enthusiast from all over the world can train according to traditional Chen taijiquan methods following the lineage from Chen Fake to Hong and Feng.[4] Visit website
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