Cancer (Tumors) Healing by Qigong Master Lin Kai Ting USH , with Matei Georgescu

QiGong + Nutrition= Healing

Master Lin Kai Ting was born in Beijing, China, in 1958.

From his early childhood, Master Lin Kai Ting has been practicing Wushu – the Chinese martial arts, focusing on Shaolin Taolu and Shaolin Quan. Master Lin Kai Ting also practiced Yi Zhang Jing - a secret method taught only to a single line of disciples.

His background in martial arts was the foundation for understanding the secrets of Qigong and attaining a high kung fu (a high degree of technique mastery).

Since 1978 he has studied various styles, methods, and techniques under the guidance of several famous masters: Li Jing Feng, Pang He Ming, Yan Xin, and others. Over the years, Master Lin Kai Ting has been studying all five traditional Qigong styles: Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, medical and martial arts Qigong.

Having extensive knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and ancient Chinese culture, Master Lin Kai Ting has graduated from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology in Beijing and has a specialization in Tuina – Chinese massage therapy. Master Lin Kai Ting has also graduated from the Faculty of Tourism, University of Beijing.

In 1992, Qigong Master Lin Kai Ting visited Europe for the first time to give a series of lectures and seminars on Qigong.

He settled in Romania where he started to deliver courses and seminars regularly to an ever-growing number of participants.

The news about the success of these events soon crossed the borders of Romania and thus Master Lin Kai Ting was invited to deliver seminars and conferences across the United States of America and Europe: Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, Norway, and Italy. QilinGong, the qigong style set up and taught by Master Lin Kai Ting, represents the “core” of all five major traditional qigong styles and it combines powerful methods and techniques adapted to the modern Western lifestyle.

The name QilinGong is a combination of two words: Qilin and Gong. Qilin is a mythological Chinese creature, having a dragon’s head, a stag’s antlers, a tiger’s body, a lion’s tail, and a scale-covered body. The Qilin is a symbol of wisdom, serenity, and prosperity. Gong means mastership or skillfulness. The QilinGong practice does not require retirement or abandonment of social life. On the contrary, by practicing one feels more grounded and integrated into the society.

Another feature of this method is that certain techniques can be incorporated in the daily routine and can be practiced simultaneously with activities like walking, standing, sitting, driving the car or even sleeping. QilinGong can be practiced 24 hours per day. Beyond techniques, QilinGong is a way of life based on the universal values and principles of humankind: morality, respect for life, love, and compassion. Visit website
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