Cancer (Tumors) Healing by Qigong Master Lin Kai Ting USH , with Matei Georgescu


QiGong + Nutrition= Healing

Master Lin Kai Ting was born in Beijing, China, in 1958.

From his early childhood, Master Lin Kai Ting has been practicing Wushu – the Chinese martial arts, focusing on Shaolin Taolu and Shaolin Quan. Master Lin Kai Ting also practiced Yi Zhang Jing - a secret method taught only to a single line of disciples.

His background in martial arts was the foundation for understanding the secrets of Qigong and attaining a high kung fu (a high degree of technique mastery).

Since 1978 he has studied various styles, methods, and techniques under the guidance of several famous masters: Li Jing Feng, Pang He Ming, Yan Xin, and others. Over the years, Master Lin Kai Ting has been studying all five traditional Qigong styles: Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, medical and martial arts Qigong.

Having extensive knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and ancient Chinese culture, Master Lin Kai Ting has graduated from the I...