Best Tai Chi for Beginners - 8 minutes presents an 8-minute "Easy Tai Chi" to do daily. These are sample movements and teaching style that are on our "Easy TaiChi-Qigong" DVD, which is one hour and 20 minutes long and recommended by Health Professionals as well as the National Parkinson Foundation. You can order it on our website listed above - or call us (phone # on website). Price includes shipping within the USA. $14 added to items shipped outside USA and we ship around the world.

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Enjoy Don's new easy "Daily Qigong & Daily Tai Chi". It has movements to prepare you for the next level up - his intermediate TAI CHI KUNG.
Order his "Daily Qigong & Daily Tai Chi" DVD and also the "3 Qigong Daily Practices" from

Thank you to all who are supporting us by buying our DVDs, because this is how we are able to afford to put up all the FREE stuff on YouTube.

Join in with Don Fiore and see how you feel afterwards. Don's videos are designed to help with balance, coordination, circulation, and strengthening bones and muscles.

The next step up from this Beginners form is the "Daily Tai Chi & Daily TAI CHI KUNG" DVD.

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A comment from FlowZenSight :
"You have one of the most intelligent and intuitive ways of showing tai chi I have come across...much better than most of these self proclaimed (or even institution certified) youtube "masters". Very easy to follow and learn, thanks and subscribed!"

A comment from Patricia Kirk of Denmark:
"I saw your and Don's Tai Chi Qigong clips on You Tube, followed your link, saw some of your videos on your website and wanted to write and say how great it is to finally find Tai Chi presented in an understandable and down to earth fashion! I live in Denmark, and have been here for 28 years. Tai Chi is not a well known exercise or form for meditation here. I have wanted to learn more Tai Chi and take some Tai Chi instructors classes for years. However up until now, I have just never found anyone whose style of instruction/presentation that I wanted to use time to learn/emulate."

A comment from kungfuzzzz:
"This is my favorite for basic lessons on Tai Chi. Great instructions and fun to watch! Thanks." Visit website
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