Baduanjin 8 Silk Brocade follow along lesson (Part 2) in Times of COVID-19 Self-Isolation

The Baduanjin qigong, 8 Silk Brocade or Eight Pieces of Brocade (八段錦) is one of the most common forms of Chinese qigong used as exercise. Follow along lesson Part 2.

0:00 Waiting to start live session
0:38 Baduanjin intro
1:37 Student demo
6:55 4 Exercises overview
7:47 Sway head and shake tail
10:08 Clench fists and glare fiercely
11:49 Two hands hold the feet
13:08 Bouncing on toes
14:20 Final thoughts and practise tips
18:08 Subscribe!

Eight individual movements impart a silken quality (like that of a piece of brocade) to the body and its energy. The Baduanjin is primarily practised as a form of medical qigong meant to improve health.

The Baduanjin as a whole is broken down into eight separate exercises, each focusing on a different physical area and qi meridian.

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Added on January 2nd, 2021
Last updated: February 26th, 2021