AM TaijiFit #42 2/11/14

Join us daily at for FREE Tai Chi.

One on one with Champion and Master Teacher David-Dorian Ross. This is the way to learn T'ai Chi. You can join us daily at for FREE Taiji (Tai Chi) in the Daily Flow Show. It's LIVE, real-time using 2-way video.

But if you miss the show (5am, 6am and 5pm Pacific) you can still take the class here, on your own time.

With this program created to be more like personal instruction, you'll learn more intuitively as you explore each move, so you feel more confident right away. You will understand how T'ai chi will help you move closer to that elusive life priority, balance. Known as "the ultimate workout" in China, T'ai chi is a more physically charged form of energy practice that resembles martial arts in slow motion and will give you the benefits of weight training, aerobics or sports conditioning while exercising your mental-spiritual strength at the same time. You'll s...