A.M. Tai Chi (1 of 2)


David Carradine's AM PM * TAI CHI Workout for Beginners
with Arnold Tayam., Doctor of Medical Qigong (China)
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Use the amazing powers of Tai Chi to relax the mind and get a full body workout.

The Masters of Tai Chi believed that the development of the body without the mild was dangerous and that cultivating the the mind while ignoring the body was useless.

Tai Chi strives to meld the mind and body into one, so that the mind and body are in harmony, establishing perfect unity between thought, action and health

AM - Tai Chi for the Mind
This workout is gentler, utilizing stretching, deep breathing, slow flowing movements and mental visualizations to strengthen and relax the mind and body. The moves are designed to affect the subtler levels of your energy. You will actually feel more energized after the workout than before, preparing you for the day.