# 50, 51 Kick With Left Foot 90 Degrees & Turn and Kick With Right Foot

YouTube channel: Awareness


1:37 Strike ears with fist
3:12 From strike ears again
3:49 Paying attention to the steps
4:50 Step by step
5:32 Pushing with the legs
6:08 Turing the upper body
6:29 Pushing and turning to keep that connection
7:57 Kevin's attempt at the non modified move
9:56 Don't speed up the kicks
10:58 This sequence can be done in a small area
12:07 Follow along with Kevin 1
12:49 Follow along with Kevin 2
13:19 Follow along with Kevin 3
13:56 Follow along with Kevin 4
14:23 Follow along with Kevin 5

Focus on the Pa Kua stepping between move #50 Kick Left 90 Degrees and Move #51 Turn and Kick Right is Kevin's direction with this week's video. An explanation of Mr. Moy's modification to the transition between these moves is provided as well as some info on upcoming workshops.

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