2019TaiChiGala Dr John Painter Workshops Jiulong Baguazhang Learn Bagua

Dr. John Painter - Baguazhang Grandmaster of the DaoChiQuan System will teach 2 in-depth workshops at the 2019 Tai Chi Gala, AND will host the Gathering of the Jiulong Bagua Circle June 2-5. Three-Section staff weapon will be taught as a free weapons class at night to all registered attendees of the Gathering. This takes place on 200-acres of nature in the Pocono Mountains, at the Lindenmere retreat center in Henryville, PA. IF you are serious to learn something amazing, obviously you should go - especially for the killer discounted price this year. NEXT YEAR PRICES WILL INCREASE. Get yourself registered by May 19. Make this the "No-Excuses" year for yourself. https://taichigala.com