01 - Vedanta Yoga vs Naturalism/Taoism [Prana vs Qi series]

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Today, we are going to discuss what I understand to be the difference of spiritual ontogeny between prana and Qi, as I have come to understand that they are not the same thing.

There are primary differences between the esoteric roots of the cultures which these stem from, and the understanding of them in the Western viewpoint. We will discuss why the Western view is a strange and confused amalgamation of the two. Then we will show each in their esoteric light. Finally, we will deal with the language in a way that each can present a cross-cultural reconciliation where self-healing and practical wellness regimes are concerned.

We will discuss the historical differences between the two cultures which bear the root conception of these two energy fields - India (Prana), and China (Qi).

We will discuss the eschatological end point of each of these cultural vantage points where spirituality and self-realization are concerned.

Finally, we will reconcile them in the light of Divine realization which is not bound by culture. We will come to encourage an understanding of both of these systems of spiritual realization as two different, and necessary, dimensions of healing and restoration of the psyche and physical body.


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Added on March 16th, 2020
Last updated: April 5th, 2020