This is a video response to the many e-mail questions I get relating to Xing-I Quan combat tactics. This is just my perspective, not the gospel. Most of the information is based on my experience and the teachings of Sifu Rudy and The Late Great Master B.P Chan. As I point out in the video that Xing-I is a straight forward combat system that doesn't use excessive movements. It is pure economy of motion. Now if you combine Xing-I and Ba Gua you've got the best of both worlds. You got the Brawler with the pure aggression of Xing-I and the Counter offensive techniques of the skillful Ba Gua Zhang footwork. INTERESTED XING YI QUAN CLASSES: Specialize in training Wushu for combat usage (Street SurvivaL) (no sport fighting) Location: 100 street central park west (out door Classes) XingYiQuan classes contact urbanbaguanyc.com for further information.
Now available instructional XingYiQuan Five Five video downloadable. Vol 1# Video runtime: 41:43 (Video Format mpg) http://store.payloadz.com/details/2232593-movies-and-videos-training-xingyi-quan-five-fist.html
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Added on June 23rd, 2017
Last updated: April 8th, 2020