Wudang Zhang Sanfeng Taiji [email protected] Taoist Wellness Academy by Master Gu disciple from Wuhan

Dao is the Universal Principle of Heaven, Earth and Man.
It is called Taiji.

Wuji moves and produces Taiji.
Taiji returns to Wuji
when the former becomes still.
All things in the Universe go like that:
They eventually return to nothingness.

Taiji is like a great river
rolling on unceasingly.

In motion
all parts of the body must be light,
nimble and strung together.

The breath should be excited,
the spirit should be gathered.

Let the postures be without breaks or holes,
hollows or projections,
or discontinuities and continuities of form.

The motion should be rooted in the feet,
released through the legs,
controlled by the waist,
and manifested through the fingers.

The feet, legs and waist must act together simultaneously,
so that while steeping forward or back
the timing and position are correct.

If the timing and position are not correct,
the body becomes disordered,
and the defect must be sought in the legs and waist.

Up or down,
front or back,
left or right,
are the same.
These are all mind and not external.

If there is up,
then there is down;
if there is forward,
then there is backward;
if there is left,
then there is right.

If the mind wants to move up,
then it contains at the same time
the downward idea.

By alternating the force of pulling and pushing,
the root is severed and the object is quickly toppled,
without a doubt.

Taiji chuan

is like a great river
rolling on unceasingly.

This classic was left by the Immortal Zhang Sanfeng of Wu Tang Mountain.

He desires the whole world to attain longevity,

and not only martial techniques.

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