Wu Ying Hua performing the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Slow Form


Grandmaster Wu Ying Hua performing the Wu Style Slow Form which was composed by her father, Grandmaster Wu Chien Chuan.

This form is sometimes called the square form, and was designed for beginners when Wu Chien Chuan and the famous Yang brothers Shao Hao and Cheng Fu agreed to teach Tai Chi Chuan publicly in the Republican era. Wu Ying Hua would often perform this form in public, and her husband Ma Yue Liang would perform the older Fast Form, after that form was revealed to the general public in the 1980's. The slow form is based on the fast, or round form that came from Wu Chien Chuan's father, Chuan Yau, an Imperial Guard who was the student of Yang Lu Shan and his son Yang Ban Hao.

This slow form is today part of the curriculum of the Shanghai branch of Wu Tai Chi Chuan, along with the Fast Form, Spear, Sword and Saber Forms and the Push Hands Curriculum.