We're in Portland! • Morning Mindfulness & T'ai Chi Flow #51


8.4.16-Nothing says summer like a roadtrip. So we packed up the fam and drove the three days from Orange County to Portland, Oregon - my home town! Been gone from the T'ai Chi Morning Flow Show for three days - so I was def missing everyone. Good to be back - and here's a simple Flow for all of you. Enjoy!

Move of the Day: A bit of Windmill with a Pi'pa Chaser
And here's the rest of the choreography:
Sink the Qi
Open the Door
Embrace the Moon
Crossing the Points
Seize the Sparrow's Tail
Seize the Sparrow's Tail (from the 1st Circle)
Cloud Hands
Single Whip
Crane Opens Wings
Needle on the Ocean Floor
Hands Strum the Pi'pa
The Windmill