Video 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine and TaiChi for Cancer

Chinese medicine has been used to treat a variety of cancer-related conditions. Formerly known as tai chi chuan — which translates into "supreme ultimate fist" — tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced with "internal power" rather than external power. The slow, circular movements are practiced mindfully and with a focus on the internal experience.
Are you curious on how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taichi can help cancer patients? This will be the topic of our next hangout with a renowned expert Dr. Joseph Acquah.
Bring your question and get the answer directly from Dr. Acquah.

This event will be held LIVE on google hangout on air and will be available for viewing as well on YouTube. See you there and don't forget to sign up (FREE) by clicking the ticket URL . Visit website
Added on November 20th, 2019
Last updated: February 3rd, 2020