Tsumura Sensei - Chan Mi Gong 4. Rendong

Chan mi gong is a school of tantric buddhist qigong organized to its contemporary form by Liu Han Wen (1921-2004). Teachings of chan mi gong were kept as a secret until 80's when they spread across China and to some parts of Europe and Northern America.

Tsumura Sensei is Japanese qigong teacher and author of about 100 books of which many concern qigong. He has studied qigong from 60's. He is also a founder of Institute for Qigong Culture.

More about chan mi gong:

http://chanmigong.de/ (in German)
http://chanmikung.org (in Finnish)
www.youtube.com Visit website
Added on August 8th, 2014
Last updated: June 25th, 2017