Traditional Shaolin Yi Jin Jing | 少林易筋经 Retreat 2015


Impressions of the Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong Retreat with Master Shi Miao Yong | 释恒義 that took place 2015 in the Shaolin Temple Europe | 歐洲少林寺 in Otterberg / Kaiserslautern in Germany.

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing can be translated as Muscle & Tendon Change / Transformation.

It consists of 12 Qi Gong excercises aiming in the development of strong and flexible muscles and tendons.

Besides it's health benefits in allowing blockade-free moving of Qi, its constant exercise results in the ability to execute explosive movements.

It belongs to the classic repertoire of Qi Gong exercises in the Shaolin Temples all around the world. Together with the 8 treasures (Ba Duan Jin) and the meditative circular movements (Chan Yuan Gong) it gives a strong foundation to complete all martial exercises.

Every year there are several retreats that are taking place in the Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺, the monastery where I am...