Top Tai Chi Techniques | Standing Meditation Practice (2019)

In these Tai Chi techniques for Self Defense video series, we will share with you best tai chi self defense techniques available in all tai chi techniques videos. These tai chi moves can be used for fighting or tai chi self defense. We will have a demonstration of tai chi techniques and tai chi self-defense techniques plus step by step tai chi combat techniques will be practiced. You can repeat these tai chi techniques for beginners videos until you feel confident in your movement. In real life tai chi fighting techniques we will always turn back into basic tai chi techniques and use the tai chi self-defense moves as we have learned step by step. Please use the top 10 tai chi techniques and tai chi chuan (martial art) combat techniques only if neccesery to defend yourself. The reality of the matter is that these tai chi fighting techniques should not be used to start a fight as they can be deadly and dangerous.
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This course will be presented in a series of ten, five-minute lessons that will cover the foundation principles of Tai Chi.
This will be conveyed within short cyclical movement sequences; making it far easier to learn the movements and more beneficial due to their continuous and flowing nature. The object of the practice is to loosen, strengthen and relax the body, calm the mind, and lift the spirit.
Along with the movements, there will be presented an insight into the self-defence applications of these movements. These are to provide a reference for any future study that might be undertaken. The solo training presented within these lessons can act as a solid platform for the body method of tai chi and will provide an excellent starting point for self-defence study.
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Added on September 12th, 2019
Last updated: April 7th, 2020