The Double Weighted Error (Full Lesson!)

Fixing the Double Weighted Error is one of the most difficult things to teach in Tai Chi. It isn't just a translation issue- even Chinese masters often stay silent on how to fix it until asked directly, where they admit to some frustration in not knowing what words could best convey this concept to someone who doesn't already know the difference.

Because of this, the concept- while not actually an advanced skill- is widely misunderstood and there is a lot of information out there about it that is simply wrong. The most common misunderstanding is that being "double weighted" refers to having weight on both legs. That idea is preposterous because every single Tai Chi form out there shifts from one leg to another, and often stands on both feet. Why would the forms ALL contain the double weighted error if the Tai Chi Classics state "do not commit the error of double-weightedness"?

This video skims the surface in the best way we can convey in 20 minutes as to what the double weighted error is, and how to not only fix it, but also to recognize it in yourself and others. In simplest terms, when you are double weighted, you are either "locked up" with tension and unable to move, or too limp where your body weight is not being controlled or accounted for. To be properly weighted, your must maintain balance between the body being substantial, and still being able to move enough to feel insubstantial or "whispy" to anyone else. If you are double weighted, you will find it difficult to move and keep integrity at the same time.

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Added on October 11th, 2018
Last updated: May 14th, 2020