TCW341F Lifting Arms

The Tai Chi Wandwork 34 Exercises Routine consists of 17 open-hand and 17 wand exercises. The movements are taken from:

1. Qigong (`Shibashi')
2. Tai Chi (Yang Style)
3. Chinese Wand Exercises
4. Tai Chi Boating Wand Form

This routine was created to introduce wellness groups to Chinese internal health systems. It contains 34 gentle therapeutic exercises and serves as an introduction to Tai Chi, Qigong, Chinese Wand Exercises and the Tai Chi Boating Wand.

The 34 exercises - 17 open handed and 17 wand-held movements - contain comprehensive physical benefits and offer an efficient approach to strengthening, stretching, building balance, good posture, coordination and mental focus.

The exercises can be performed standing or sitting. The movements are simple, easy to learn and make you suppler and flexible and increase your vitality. It is a great way to reduce stress, boost energy, increase circulation and improve balance. The gentle, fluid movements also relax the body and soothe the mind

Part 1: Open Hand Postures
1 Lifting Arms
2 Opening the Chest
3 Painting the Rainbow
4 Separating Clouds
5 Rolling Arms
6 Cloud Hands
7 Raise the Ball
8 Carry the Moon
9 Pushing Waves
10 Loosening the Trunk
11 Touch the Sea, Look at the Sky
12 Rotate the Wheel and Point at the Moon
13 Parting Wild Horse’s Mane
14 Brush Knee and Push
15 Grasp Sparrow’s Tail
16 Fair Lady Weaves Shuttles
17 Punching
Part 2: Wand Postures
18 Sunrise and Sunset
19 Circle the Shoulders
20 Carry the Wand to the Moon
21 Rising up the Mountain
22 Flying over the Summit
23 Twitching the Dragon’s Tail
24 Rising and Sinking in the Boat
25 Look into the Water
26 Turn the Rear Rudder
27 Rocking through the Rapids
28 Rocking the Yoke
29 Rocking the Rudder
30 Netting the Fish and Raising the Oar
31 Paddle Through the Narrow Stream
32 Rowing Backward and Forward on the Calm Lake
33 Rowing in the Clouds
34 Turning the Boat
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Added on April 15th, 2017
Last updated: July 16th, 2017