Taijiquan / Tai Chi Chuan and Cancer 太极拳与癌症

Taijiquan / Tai Chi Chuan and Cancer


and how it can help in cancer treatment.

如何对癌症患者有益 。

Many thanks and appreciation to Guru Chen Shan Zhu (Johnny Sean Tan) from Chen Jia Ban Academy for video and Taijiquan lessons sharing.

感谢陈家班学堂陈善祝老师分享视频; 分享, 指导, 教导太极拳。

Video sourced from USA via Chen Jia Ban China.

视频源自于美国, 于中国陈家班转发分享。

Tai Chi Chuan sharing, lessons and trainings by Chen Jia Ban Academy and Guru Chen Shan Zhu. All Taijiquan lessons can be taught in all three major languages.

陈家班学堂陈善祝老师分享, 指导, 教导太极拳。 所有太极拳课可以三大语文指导教导 。

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Added on August 9th, 2019
Last updated: September 21st, 2019