Tai Chi Tuesday Remembering Sarah Feather ( Ovarian Cancer Awareness Series 3 )

http://www.zenmethodtaichi.com/ Tai Chi Tuesday Part 3 of the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign. In this quick video I combine one of my favorite stories from Sarah Feather ( The Carcinista ) and 5 Element Breathing in Tai Chi for an exercise to honor someone you have loved and lost. Grief is a powerful emotion, it's important to not only mentally and emotionally move through it, but physically as well. I like to use Angelica Oil from my friend at Connies Catalyst to Wellness as I do this exercise and know that every person I come in contact with is 'Touched By an Angel'. Honor someone you love today with this exercise. Namaste.
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Added on August 5th, 2015
Last updated: March 29th, 2019