Tai Chi Standing Qigong Part 2 | Tai Chi Combat COVID19 Series 4

Could you summarize what Tai Chi is in one sentence? The answer is very crucial to your Tai Chi practice. In this video, Tai Chi Ray will finish introducing the Tai Chi Standing Qigong and share his understandings.

Manhattan Tai Chi is offering a series of free Tai Chi tutorial videos during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve your wellbeing. There are many benefits of practicing Tai Chi. For example, practicing Tai Chi will increase the flow of your blood and Qi, which will boost your immune system and increase your metabolism without exhausting your body. The reasons why bats could host a range of viruses known to be deadly to humans are because of high metabolic rate and fever-like high body temperatures through flying. For your health, I recommend you to practice Tai Chi once a day for at least fifteen minutes.

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Added on April 3rd, 2020
Last updated: April 6th, 2020