Tai Chi Ruler with Wilson

[email protected] seminar via webcam can be arranged.
I want to invite everyone to join us Saturday April 22, 2018 in Richmond VA
Will you accept the challenge of daily practice?
Tai Chi Ruler 120 day challenge led by Wilson Pitts https://www.facebook.com/events/86602... … …
In my travels I have endeavored to teach this simplified practice and have seen many people profoundly touched by it. I tried to pare down the larger system without damaging its soul in order to make it accessible to modern people everywhere. My students are primarily Americans so that is who I am familiar with as to their energetic nature. They don't have time for an extended practice and yet they need something simple that reconnects them to their chi everyday. They need the lesser enlightenment of the body to heal themselves and this is all lower dan tien work.

Master Chao, Chang Tao said that if one practiced Tai Chi Ruler for 120 days without missing a day their life would be transformed. Are you up to the challenge? We will start with a complete review for those who have already learned the seated practice. Distance students can practice with Wilson via video chat.

There is a book and a video by Wilson on the seated ruler practice. Shot on location in beautiful outdoor settings in California this video introduces all six internal exercises as a seated practice. Wilson was hit by a car in 1991,breaking his back in three places, and he healed himself with Chinese Medicine and this powerful practice.
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Added on July 19th, 2019
Last updated: September 28th, 2019