Tai Chi Level 2: Review for the First Test (part 6)

We are reviewing for the first test in our Intermediate (Level 2) Tai Chi program. We are covering a lot of ground very quickly here because it is a review session. This should give our students a good idea of the kind of skills you will need to demonstrate in order to pass the test. If you haven't worked the material yet you should go back and watch the earlier videos in the series for deeper instruction.

Tonight we reviewed the kinds of Push Hands we play in Clear's Tai Chi. We do play some "tournament style" push hands, we have a more free flowing game, and of course we primarily use the Clear's Internal Push Hands method.

We begin all of the training stationary, and in our system we will focus on stationary push hands for building internal skill. However, we do play fixed step and moving step versions of all of our games. After the internal skills have been thoroughly developed, we will graduate to free-sparring/fighting methods.

Tonight we also briefly covered a method of feeling inside the opponents body, which is a very basic technique we use to give beginners an exposure to this concept. This is something that practically anyone can do right away, but it is a powerful technique none-the-less. You should work on this skill until you can push or pull to each place in the body immediately on contact, without having to fish around for it.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of these methods. They have earned us a great deal of respect among highly skilled Tai Chi players, and we now have several Push Hands competitors who have joined us to improve their skill. We have several Push Hands Champions among our long distance students, and we regularly host a workshop on our Internal Push Hands method.

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Added on January 26th, 2018
Last updated: March 5th, 2020