Tai Chi, Fu Zhang San-feng, 13 Form: Sequence IV Breathing

武当太极十三势 Tai Chi, Fu Zhang San-feng, 13 Form

Taiji is of one of the most authentic Taiji forms, made up of 13 groups of movements with a total of 60 postures in all. This form is considered as the mother of all Taiji forms and was created by Taoist Master Zhang Sanfeng. Beginners will find it quite easy to perform, yet advanced Taiji practitioners will open a new secrets Taiji. The soft flow of movements connected with breathing creates incredible feeling of strength and softness in body and mind. Performed by Artem Minakov, silver medalist of World Traditional Wushu Championship.
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Added on July 3rd, 2019
Last updated: March 5th, 2020