Simple Qigong Routine - Easy Home 10 Minute Practice for balancing Qi with Jeffrey Chand

Simple qigong routine that you can practice at home to help increase qi, chi, or energy.

Qigong is a simple exercise, similar to tai chi but easier to learn and practice. This is a routine that is well balanced to help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension while increasing energy, circulation and qi. There are many styles of qi gong including:

5 Animal
5 Element
Muscle and Tendon Changing
Bone and Marrow Washing
Medical Qigong
Ling Kong Jing
8 Brocades
and on and on!

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There are so many styles but the only effective qigong practice is the one that you actually do! If you can practice qigong everyday you will get the most benefit.
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Added on May 8th, 2020
Last updated: May 13th, 2020