Qin Dao, 20 Inch Blade, Chinese Sword

Showing a Chinese Qin Dao Sword.

This sword is heavy for it's length, the blade length is 20 inches, the steel in an unknown carbon steel. The handle is cheap ABS plastic and the fixtures are zinc. The edge came fairly sharp. Like a katana, it has no edge bevel. I am unsure who makes this sword, I only ever saw one being sold and the seller is now gone. After doing some research, I believe this sword might have been manufactured by “Zhi Sword Forge," as their website shows swords which are similar but not identical.

Tabletop View of the Smaller Qin Dao: http://youtu.be/kuPziGSQ6ck
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Added on February 6th, 2016
Last updated: October 12th, 2019