QiGong Spleen Exercises (2019) Part 3


QiGong Spleen Exercises (2019)

This video is a GREAT INTRODUCTION TO QIGONG. It is a SHORT QIGONG FLOW - that is a sequence of simple QiGong Exercises that focus on the SPLEEN. It is a part of a set of QiGong Exercises for the Spleen.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Spleen is heavily linked to our mental and emotional health and wellbeing, having both negative and positive emotions associated with it. The routine utilises two QiGong movements. Firstly one called 'Gathering th Qi' and the second called 'Turning the Waist and Pushing the Palms'. These cleanse, nourish and improve the speen and its functionality by cultivating, moving and working the Qi through the Spleen Meridian. The Spleen Meridian is linked to the Earth Element and these QiGong Exercises are designed to work the Qi (or Life Force Energy) in and around our body so to release any energy blockages and thereby encouraging good health and wellbeing. The movements also work your major muscles...