Qigong Master So teaches Dan Tien breathing

Master So teaches principles of Qigong - Dan Tien breathing.
Videoed at The YMCA of Austin, May 2015

Dr. Yong So has also received his Doctor's degree in Oriental Medicine in South Korea and the United States. 

He successfully integrates the 2,000 year Oriental medical tradition with Qigong’s 4,000 year history of healing and health. Master So offers hands on healing and Qigong acupressure to treat many chronic conditions.

Master So has taught Qigong and Tai Chi at the University Level. He is a tenth dan (tenth degree) black belt in Hapkido, he is also President of the Universal Martial Arts Association. He continues to instruct many police agencies and U.S. Marshals in self defense tactics.

Experience in the real world and the unseen forces.

Master So has lived a varied and full life. As a youth and member of South Korean Military's Special Forces stationed in South Vietnam, to five years as a Buddhist monk at the world renown Shaolin Temple.

His invitation to live in America by the U.S.military and his subsequent study of Traditional Oriental Medicine has lead to his creating a successful private healing and teaching practice.

For over four decades now, Master So has been successfully treating illness with his focused Qigong skills and as a Doctor of Traditional Oriental Medicine with its acknowledged techniques.

He specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic illnesses, as well as sexual dysfunction. His traditional laying of hands Qigong treatment differs from Western medical therapy, it is non-invasive, (no injections, no surgery) and uses neither surgical instruments, nor medications. 

Master So Qigong Healing Consultations via Skype Video Chat. 
Totally private, From the convenience of your own home.
Initial $75.00 fee is applicable to the overall treatment plan.

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Added on May 5th, 2017
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