Qigong for Meridian Balance and Wellness

A Qigong routine guided by Dr. Jake Fratkin that includes a microcosmic orbit exercise, macrocosmic orbit, and advanced facial massage. Learn more about this routine here:

This Qigong routine is specifically designed to promote meridian balance, support the meridian channels, strengthen immune function, reduce stress and anxiety and promote total-body wellness and vitality.

Dr. Jake Fratkin is an expert in the field of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, and is also a renowned herbalist. He specializes in the three-level acupucnture balance protocol and pays special attention to balancing the meridians in his treatment using the extraordinary vessels and the divergent treatment. This Qigong routine is structured with that same goal in mind.

It's an excellent addition to a wellness routine at home that may help the body and mind heal and deal with difficulty and illness. Try it for yourself!