Qigong for Cancer Stage 4 Lymphoma My Spring Forest Qigong Healing Story


Jacqueline Valone of College Park, MD, was battling stage 4 Lymphoma. Her condition was so severe she underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy and numerous blood transfusions in an attempt to stabilize her condition. Despite excellent medical treatment her condition deteriorated to the point where she knew the end of this life was very near. Then she learned of Chunyi Lins group healing phone sessions. Since the second week of the calls with Chunyi Lin Jacqueline says her condition improved dramatically. Her blood work has been normal. Her condition continued to improve to the point she now has no symptoms. While she is very grateful to her doctors, Jacqueline says she knows it is Chunyi Lins Butterfly Meditation and his Spring Forest Qigong techniques that she learned to practice that have made all the difference for her. http://www.springforestqigong.com