Qigong exercise to give energy to your Heart

In this video I demonstrate a simple qigong exercise from the Heaven and Earth Qigong system to tonify and give energy to the Heart.

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WELCOME, I’m Peter Caughey, Master Qigong Practitioner, Doctor of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong Healer, Teacher and Writer.
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During my combined 25 years of teaching Taiji (Tai chi) and Qigong and treating people in my Acupuncture Clinic, I have learnt about how to create a higher quality of health for people and help them connect to a world beyond living in their mind. I have dedicated my life to helping people to have a higher level of health and I encourage
them to see the world in a different way. A way that inspires them to enquirer into the possibilities of how they can have a more fulfilling and happier life with a flow on effect that benefits and helps others.

I didn’t start out this way as my background prior to healing was 16 years with the New Zealand Amy and 7 of those in the (SAS), New Zealand Special Forces. I loved the mental
and physical discipline in the SAS.

I started learning Taiji (Tai chi) and Qigong at the age of 28 after a injury that I sustained in the military. This practice opened a door for me to see my life and the world in a completely different way. A world of new possibilities. It was so different to what I had ever experienced
and what I was brought up to believe. I changed my life.

Through the practice of Taiji and Qigong I started experiencing energy in my body which was completely different to the physical strength I’d experienced from being an athlete.

My intention is to share Qigong exercises, health practices and philosophy with you, and to inspire you to live a healthy happy life with a quiet mind and a peaceful heart.

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Added on December 17th, 2018
Last updated: March 23rd, 2019