Qi Gong for Self Healing - 6-Min Self-Healing Energy Healing Practice

Do you want to learn how to heal yourself with your hands?

You’re in luck.

Lee just filmed a six-minute video teaching six healing movements and techniques you can use to heal yourself with your hands.

It includes just a few of the movements Lee will teach in the upcoming Buddha Palm Online Course, which starts this Sunday, July 5th.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to heal yourself… or you want to learn “healing with hands” techniques to use in your existing healing practice, we recommend checking out the video.

In this six-minute video, you’ll learn how to:

Open the energy pathways that lead to your hands. When you do this exercise, your arms and hands ignite with energy so you can administer healing, quickly.

- Align your hands with Earth’s gravitational pull so instead of feeling dragged down by gravity… you use your hands to feel recharged by gravity!