Qi Gong for Anxiety and Chest Tightness w Jeffrey Chand


A very common reason people practice qi gong is because of anxiety and symptoms that accompany it, such as chest tightness and fullness. Some of our most popular qi gong routines in the Communi Qi are for anxiety.

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Anxiety affects roughly 18% of the adult population but fewer than 40% of people affected actually seek treatment. I believe anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is better recognized today and people don’t feel as reluctant to discuss it with their doctor but many people still struggle in silence.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

racing, looping thoughts
feeling of panic, fear, and uneasiness
chest tightness or fullness, palpitations (racing heart)
nausea, uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, loss or increased appetite
sweating, night sweats, sweaty palms
sleep issues

Conventional treatme...