Primordial Morning Chi Gong By Mantak Chia

Primordial Morning Chi Gong 2012

This comprehensive system of gentle movements cleanses the organs and acupuncture meridians of stagnation and recharges the body with fresh and clean energy (qi). Like tuning a piano, you will tune body, breath, and mind so that they are in harmony, not only with each other but with the life force of the universe. As a break from the exercises, enjoy qigong meditations for relaxation, clarity, and inner peace, and listen to entertaining stories of the old masters. We will also discuss the healing benefits of qigong, how and why it works, and how to use qigong to improve other activities such as Tai Chi, Yoga, and sports.


Our HQ: Master Chia's Training Center at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, Chiangmai, Thailand

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Added on April 1st, 2021
Last updated: April 3rd, 2021