Perth Tai Chi Academy: Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 (TCA 1) back demo


Tai Chi for Health Institute Purpose and Vision:

Making Tai Chi for Health accessible to everyone for health and wellness, while empowering people to improve their health and wellness.

The movements:
1. Commencing Form
2. Open and Close Hands
3. Single Whip (right)
4. Waving Hands Like Clouds (right)
5. Open and Close Hands
6. Single Whip (left)
7. Waving Hands Like Clouds (left)
8. Brush Knee and Push (left)
9. Parry Parry Punch
10. Block and Close
11. Push the Mountain
12. Open and Close Hands
13. Brush Knee and Push (right)
14. Parry Parry Punch
15. Block and Close
16. Push the Mountain
17. Open and Close Hands
18. Finishing Form