Old Frame of Yang Style Taijiquan (Lao Jia)(Part 1)

Internal Martial Arts of Xiao Family - Imperial Style Taijiquan
Old Frame of Yang Style Taijiquan (Lao Jia.) Emphasizes, nternal strenght,
the mowements are light, power is hidden inside

Xiao Teseng, the son of Xiao Gongzhuo, a worthy successor to his father,
has been engaged in fist art for several decades. Master of the first category,
judge of the first category - he is a member of the leadership of the system of modern Chinese wushu,
and also heads the Xiao Family Fist Art Association (Xiaoshi Neijia Chuan), which was formed in 1993.

The style of "Inner Quarters", which was taught by Yang Luchan,
consists of ten complexes without weapons, tuishou and four complexes with weapons (sword-jian,
sword-dao, pole and spear). There are two starting complexes in this hand: Dajia and Laojia.

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